A Special Rakhi For Special Brothers (Heroes In Uniform) Of India


I personally feel in debt to all the brave-hearts and heroes of our nation. Yes, I am talking about all the real-life heroes, and they are none other than personnel in the armed forces. My heart goes out to all the sisters who could not tie rakhis to their brothers because their brothers are safeguarding the borders so that we can tie rakhi on our brother’s hands. Is there any more selfless duty, any person could render to the nation? No, I don’t think there is. So, this Raksha Bandhan, let’s celebrate the festival of siblings not just with our siblings but also with all the brothers serving in the armed forces of India. We have various units of armed forces, be it any force, in every state of India, right? All you can rakhi buy online in abundance and visit the units to tie the rakhi on their wrists. If you still need legit reasons to think this way, here is a list of reasons that screams out why Indian armed forces personnel are the real brothers and sons of India.

  • We Sleep, They protect:

While some of us don’t even wish our parents goodnight before sleeping and go straight to the beds and sleep fearlessly, there are these brothers who safeguard our borders to make sure we do sleep in peace. Nobody is crazy enough to sacrifice all the comforts of life and live in extreme situations, risking their lives. But these men of metalcore, do it for the love of the nation they have. Do you feel

  • Cosmic & Untold Hardships:

What is the first thing you think when you hear the name of army, airforce or navy? Probably, the uniform and all the privileges, right? Believe me, being a part of the armed forces is so much more! From serving in blood-chilling areas to burning fields, from the rescue operations in flood-hit areas to earthquake-prone areas, they always put that prideful smile on their faces. The unfavorable conditions where these variants provide their services, make me think about all the comforts and luxuries of life which I might have taken for granted. Do you think about waking up to life every night you go to sleep? No, right? However, these men and women always have second thoughts on this matter of fact.

  • They Chose Us Before Their Family:

Every time you click a selfie with your family, friends, or loved one’s, there are these men and women staying miles apart from their families, wishing to meet their families. I seriously have never celebrated any Diwali or New Year without my family and friends, and generally, the celebrations indulge fancy restaurants, good food, and everything that we love. On the contrary, these brave-hearts have been celebrating these festivals on the borders without their families and friends and still have no complaints about this. Believe me, on this; no festival would have been fun and joyous if it were for these men safeguarding the borders.

  • Their Ultimate Sacrifice For Nation:

Just when you cannot sacrifice all the luxurious yet still cribs over thighs that hardly matters, there are these brothers of ours who make the supreme sacrifice of their lives while protecting us. We honestly owe so much to them, and I think there ain’t anything that could repay even a bit for the sacrifices these men and their families make for us. Yes, let that sink in.

Needless to say that these brothers and sisters in armed forces deserve all our love and respect, right? This Raksha Bandhan, let’s do our bit by tying a thread of love on their wrists and pray for their good health and safe return to their families. If your pocket allows you can get online rakhi for brother and do not let them feel they are away from their families and sisters. It doesn’t matter if they are biological brothers, but they are the real brothers our nation could ever forget!

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