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With the proliferation of CDs and DVDs and the amazing rate at which they are being supplied and
bought, publishers are forced to pay closer attention to an item that is often the last on their agenda –
packaging. These days, good packaging can make or break your campaign; which explains why packaging
is a billion-dollar industry in the US. Without attractive packaging, your DVDs and CDs could easily find
their way into the trash bin.

For most company owners, developing and publishing DVD ROMs is a complicated enough procedure.
That is why they have come up with the solution of outsourcing mass duplication or replication of their
products. This way, they only need to worry about creating a master copy that contains
everything they want.
Then they can simply order bulk copies at a pocket option affordable price. Even so, imagine what a
gargantuan task it would be to receive a bulk order of 10,000 DVDs and have to package them
yourself! Fortunately, you do not have to do this. An awareness of what the market supplies you can
save you a lot of hassle, not to mention sleepless nights!

When you choose a duplication company, the first thing you need to do is look into the entire gamut of
services they offer. Many companies offer an extensive range of packaging solutions to complement the
CD and DVD media that they have replicated for you.
These companies have a lot of experience dealing with customers who may need to send out their
products through mails, or distribute them or store them. So, they may offer you separate packaging
solutions for different needs. For instance, some companies offer standard and creative packaging
The standard packaging includes the standard options like DVD cases, the DVD Jewel Case options and
DVD Amaray Case options. On the other hand, creative packaging may include more decorative
packaging solutions like Digipaks, Diskbooks, Multi-DVD case options, pocket options, and the like.
Furthermore, some companies even offer you custom-designed packaging solutions. This is one of the
best ways in which you can leave a lasting, personal impact on the minds of your audience.

As you can see, DVD ROM packaging is not a simple task to take upon oneself. In fact, a decision about
how you present your product is second only to the decision regarding the replication process. The right
DVD ROM packaging option makes a dramatic difference to the overall appearance and impact of your
product. This factor alone decides how your audience ' sees' you and what inference they will draw
about you and your brand, prima-facie. So, it is always recommended that you choose a service that
offers you a wide variety of packaging solutions to choose from.

Packaging solutions for CDs and DVDs are as diverse as they come. From the straightforward single CD
cases and specialty options to mailer and box options, there are enough choices to make it somewhat
difficult and time-consuming to decide on what exactly you must select. Nothing to worry about. Many
companies offer the free services of their representatives who will help you make a decision regarding
packaging options depending on the scope, style, and goals of your project.

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