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Pakistan basics

Pakistan is officially “The Islamic Republic of Pakistan.” A populous country in South Asia—no, it’s not within the Middle East—with quite 200 million people, it’s the 6th most populous country within the world. TL;DR: Lots and much of individuals. Everywhere.

Pakistan was founded on the 14th of August 1947 after an occasion referred to as Partition. The country became an Islamic Republic in 1956. During partition, Pakistan was divided into the West and Bangladesh. In 1971 Bangladesh became Bangladesh after another bloody war for independence.

Although Pakistan may be a young country, its history is ancient. Ruins of 1 of the oldest civilizations within the world, the Indus Valley Civilization, dwell southern Pakistan. Multiple conquerors and civilizations took hold in parts of modern-day Pakistan, including Alexander the good, the Delhi Sultanate, the Mughal Empire and therefore the British Raj.

Language in Pakistan

Myriad languages are spoken in Pakistan. most of the people speak two or three languages. At least!

Urdu is Pakistan’s national language, also because of the language of officialdom alongside English. Most upper and middle-class Pakistanis will speak (some) English. It’s rare to seek out an area where absolutely nobody speaks English. However, it’s always good to select up a phrase or two in Urdu before you visit Pakistan. I highly recommend Pimsleur for learning language basics.

Besides the 2 official languages, there are many local languages: Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi, Potohari, Shina, Wakhi, Burushaski… the list goes on! Every province has its regional language, like the aforementioned Punjabi and Sindhi. In major cities people mostly speak Urdu, but in towns and villages local languages reign supreme.

Urdu basics:

  • Salaamu Alaikum: Hello
  • Walaykum asalaam: Hello (in response)
  • Shukriya: many thanks
  • Kya haal hai?: How are you?
  • Mai thik hoon: i’m fine.
  • Aap ka naam kya hai?: what’s your name?
  • Mera naam Alex hai: My name is Alex.
  • … kaha hai?: Where is… ?
  • Kitnay paisa?: How much?
  • Ji/haan: Yes/yeah
  • Nehi: No
  • Jao: get away
  • Nehi chahiye: I don’t need it
  • Angrezi ata/ati?: does one know English?

Regions of Pakistan

The country of Pakistan is split into four provinces and three territories, each with its own distinct culture and flavor:

  1. Punjab (province)
  2. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (province)
  3. Balochistan (province)
  4. Sindh (province)

Islamabad capital territory

The country’s capital is additionally its territory. Many tourists start their Pakistan travels in Islamabad, but I’ll be honest with you: I’m the most important fan. Still, it’s a cushty and comparatively developed place to rest, relax, and devour some necessities while traveling in Pakistan.

Azad Kashmir (territory)

This narrow territory to the east of Pakistan on the border with India has been disputed ever since Partition, the dividing of India and Pakistan in 1947. Tensions occasionally flare-up between the Pakistani military and therefore the Indian military, then the territory was off-limits to foreign travelers for an extended time. As of 2019, the territory has opened slightly, though foreigners are still not allowed to travel within 10 km of the border, referred to as the road of Control (LOC). However, you’ll a minimum of visit Muzaffarabad, Mirpur, and their surrounding areas… though security forces might hassle you a touch.

Religion in Pakistan

The overwhelming majority of Pakistanis are Muslim, with scattered Christian and Hindu communities. Islam is that the official state religion, the top of state has got to be a Muslim, and people’s religion is stated on their identity cards.
Because Pakistan is an Islamic Republic, its laws are supported by shariah.

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