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11 best chocolate spots in Melbourne


Melbourne is one-stop for the best chocolate spots. The city is popular for its exceptional culinary places and different wines of both local and international descent. If you are a fan of chocolate then you can’t afford to miss the extraordinary chocolate treats in Melbourne. While there are various chocolate shops in Melbourne, there are a few that we can but mention and they occupy too place in our list of chocolate shops.


If you want the best of espresso and chocolate cake here is one-stop for you. The chocolate shop has an amazing ambiance and gorgeous interior, call it sleek because that is what it is. There is a lot to devour from the plates and cups here. While at it you can see the chocolatier cooking up something new for your taste buds. The jade-green pistachio ice cream gives the taste of a lifetime. As for the cocoa pop and orange-infused white chocolate, you can’t get it better anywhere else.

Tarts Anon

You miss out on the update here, you miss out on a lot of things. Tarts never taste better than they do at Tarts anon. Although founded as a mini business, this tart shop has grown to be a common name on the lips of people living in Melbourne. You will be fascinated by how fast the tarts get sold out. For every set of tarts prepared there is a long list of individuals waiting to have their share. You can also treat yourself to a hot cup of coffee whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery. The tarts come in different flavors and we are looking out for more.

Mork Chocolate Brew House

This is the kind of place you dream of on a cold morning. The hot chocolate served at Mörk is like no other. The Melbourne ground alba cinnamon gives the perfect taste to the chocolate. The brewhouse combines a variety of ingredients from different parts of the world to make their chocolate which will keep you craving for more. You shouldn’t leave without a taste of the Campfire Chocolate, the cakes, as well as the marshmallows, and Chocolate soda syrup.

Ratio Cocoa Roasters Café

Unlike most chocolate cafes, every treat is borne out of inspiration, brought to life from the very scratch. There are several recipes to enjoy aside from the regular dark and milk chocolates. You can’t go wrong with the espresso and hot chocolates with marshmallows.

Pana Chocolate

This is slightly different from the regular chocolate shops. This is because their recipes are mainly vegan, so if you are not a big fan of the vegan diet you might want to try somewhere else, except of course you do not mind trying out new dishes, which is not bad since that is how we get to discover some really underrated recipes. So yes, who says vegan chocolates cannot be delicious. Interestingly, although most of their recipes are dairy-free and without refined sugar, they are very healthy since the main ingredients, if not all, are naturally obtained.

Atypic Chocolate

One thing about this cafe is the innovativeness in combining natural ingredients for making their products. The chocolate in Atypic is made through the direct processing of cacao beans to make varieties of chocolate products. It is another place to visit when you want some alone time over hot chocolates and pastries. While leaving, get the whipped-cream sandwich, you can make that two, in case you get to realize one is not enough. You can also get some of their products from their online store.

Mámor Chocolates and High tea

Here they serve the best chocolate bonbon with delicious fillings. The luxurious environment set it high above many of its counterparts. If you are new here, you might need a guide through the menu as there are so many delicious recipes to pick from. You can try the chocolate desserts or better still the vegan-friendly dessert, it all depends on what you want.


The cafe has the perfect blend of artistry and flavor. Their recipes stem from various inspirations that have been acquired from years of sojourn and deep delve into the tradition of chocolate making in different parts of the world as well as inspirations from home cooking. Their basil champagne, peanut butter sizzle, and seven different flavors of chocolate are something you will definitely want to try again.

The Chocolate House

From its name you have an idea of what to expect. This is the place for all things chocolate. It is a retail shop for different types of pre-packaged chocolate. You can also treat yourself to a tasty lunch of sandwich and coffee, and while you’re at it don’t forget to grab a big box of chocolate.

The Ministry of Chocolate

This store makes use of several ingredients from different countries as well as locally available ingredients. They make a bunch of quality handmade chocolates in different flavors. It has a beautiful space where you can enjoy hot chocolate shavings, chocolate bars, and stilettos. They make deliveries to other businesses and shops creating a wider customer base for their dark sprinkled egg, a gourmet bar, heart rainbow drop, and many other products.

Koko Black

Ask a random person about the best chocolatier on the streets of Bourke and in no time you find yourself in the extraordinary chocolate shop taking a chip of chocolate-coated roasted almonds or chocolate block or sipping a cup of hot chocolate. The art of chocolate making is deeply rooted in the meticulously prepared luxury chocolate. And if you intend to give a loved one the biggest treat of their life, send them one of the chocolatier’s recipes and be sure to have a special place in their heart.

Melbourne has long been known as a home of delicious chocolate. Different shops and cafes have been established over time and each of them has its unique taste which has become the basis of their identity. Every chocolatier consistently draws up new ideas from different inspirations. These chocolate shops continue to intrigue their customers with delicious chocolate recipes and handmade treats; there is always something new to try out and you don’t want to miss it.

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