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Common Roof Problems Homeowners Encounter

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If you have your own home, you understand how your roof can cause issues. These are some of the common roof problems you may experience. While roofs can last for over 25 years, there are common roof issues that need to be repaired regularly over the years.

Because there are so many common roof problems, it is important that you recognize the signs that your roof needs to be repaired before these roof issues cause larger problems. Do you want to learn more about roof damage, repairing a roof, or replacing a roof? Keep reading these 8 common issues that homeowners experience with their roofs.

Roof Leaks

One of the most common roof problems you can experience in your home is a leaky roof This leads to
water dripping into your home and causing more damage. Not only does it cause water damage to your
roof, but it also can damage your paint, sheetrock, and ceilings.

There are many common places in your roof that leak. Most often you can find them near skylights, gutters, near your chimney, and close to vents. If these areas are not properly sealed off, it can allow water to enter your home. There are also a lot of common causes of roof leaks. Many of these are easily preventable with regular roof maintenance.

Clogged or Broken Gutters

Gutters are meant to drain your water away from your roof and down the side of your home. If your
gutters and rainspouts are broken or clogged, it can lead to stagnant water and other roofing issues.
Gutters can typically get clogged with leaves and other debris, moss growth, and more.

If you notice that your gutters are not draining properly, it is likely that the water is staying on your roof,
overflowing in the gutters on your roof, and causing more problems. In the winter, this can lead to ice
dams on your roof as well. By keeping your gutters clean and fixing them as soon as you notice damage, you can prevent leaks and water damage to your roof.

Missing Shingles

Often, harsh weather can damage your shingles and even rip them off of your roof. This is especially
common with high winds, but even rodents and other natural wear and tear can lead to missing shingles.
If your roof is missing a large section of shingles, it is time to get a reroof. Otherwise, you may be able to
fix this on your own! You can buy a pack of shingles that match the ones installed on your roof and
replace the missing sections on your own.

Ice Dams

In areas with harsh winter weather, many roofs are susceptible to ice dams and other types of freezing
damages. Essentially, ice dams are areas of your roof that constantly have snow or ice that doesn’t melt
off during the day. The water that does melt off may seep into your shingles and cause leaks. When the water refreezes at night, it expands and can move your shingles out of their normal place.

Because of this new opening in your roof, you may notice more leaks and other roofing issues in the summer months.

To prevent ice dams from forming on your roof, you can find ice dam prevention products or you can
prevent air leaks into your attic. This will keep your roof cooler and will keep the ice from melting and
damaging your roof.

Tree Damage

Tree branches cause a lot of damage to roofs each year. This is especially true for those with trees near
their home, trees that are dying, and areas with high wind. If the wind is able to break off tree branches and they fall onto your roof, it can create a lot of damage.

Not only do these tree branches weaken your roof, but they could eventually break through your roof and into your home. Make sure you always trim tree branches near your home to prevent them from breaking onto your roof.

Pests and Animals

Pests and animals can wreak havoc on your roof. Pests can chew through almost anything and can
cause unspeakable damage to your roof. However, many animals will also find places to nest on your

Whether they burrow into your roof or clog your drains with their nests, they can lead to a lot of
necessary repair costs. If you notice any animals nesting on your home or if you hear them scurrying through your rafters, make sure you remove them from your roof as soon as possible! If necessary, you can call a pest control company to take care of this for you.

Broken Flashing

Finally, broken or damaged flashing is another common problem with roofs. Flashing is a piece of metal
that seal off chimneys and other joints of your roof. Essentially, it prevents potential leaks in exposed
areas of your roof. Flashing can get damaged or broken in many ways.

For example, things like harsh weather and age can wear down flashing on your roof. Other problems come from human error, issues with installation, and more. If your flashing is broken or damaged on your roof, it is important that you find roofing companies to help repair your flashing and prevent future leaks from forming.

Learn More About Common Roof Problems and More Roofs require a lot of maintenance if you want them to last. While there are so many common roof problems, many of them are preventable or have easy solutions. It is vital that you keep up with your roof maintenance to prevent other serious issues from forming. Was this article helpful? Our site has more information on similar topics! If you want to learn more about construction, home improvement, and more, check out the other articles on our website!

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