Is Gimkit Best for Learning?



Gimkit is a platform for game shows in the classroom where students participate by using their electronic devices to answer questions. Students gain virtual currency instead of points through Gimkit, which can be used to “invest” in the game to raise their scores.

Its opportunities:

It is a platform for interactive learning that gives both teachers and students a variety of options. To improve learning, teachers might design interesting tests, flashcards, and interactive classes. Learning can become more enjoyable and encouraging for students by participating in these activities and earning points and incentives. Teachers can also utilize it to evaluate student development and modify their pedagogical approaches as necessary. It is an adaptable tool that may be used for many subjects and educational philosophies.

Gimkit tools:

It provides a range of tools to improve the learning process:

Kit: This is your game’s fundamental building component, where you design the questions and the answers.

Shop: By purchasing pre-built Kits made by other educators, you can save time by not having to generate your content.

Reports: Using this feature, you may keep tabs on students’ performance by seeing which questions they successfully or mistakenly answered and learning about their development.

Leaderboard: Promotes healthy competition and incentives by showing students’ standings based on their game-related earnings.

Power-ups: These are in-game bonuses that students may utilize to maximize their earnings, giving the learning process a strategic and judgment-based component.

Team Mode: Enables groups of students to work together, developing communication and teamwork skills.

Assignment Mode: Give students Kits as homework so they can practice and review while not in the classroom.

Flashcards: For fast reviews or study sessions, create and distribute flashcards.

Customizations: You can alter the themes, music, and backgrounds of your game to change how it looks.

Keep in mind that its tools can change, so it’s wise to check the official website or other sites for the most recent details on the features they offer.

What purpose is it?

It serves as an educational portal that provides students with interactive tests and instructional games. It’s intended to keep pupils interested in learning and reviewing different subjects playfully and competitively. Quizzes with various question types can be made by teachers and customized; students receive points for accurate responses. Its use is intended to increase learning’s interactivity, motivation, and enjoyment while also aiding pupils in better information retention and comprehension.

Live Game Show for the Classroom:

It serves as a game-show program made to be used with students both inside and outside of the classroom. Teachers can create and share game quizzes referred to as kits, ask students to join courses and start setting up classrooms.  In a live game or kit, students can participate in the play right away. Alternatively, teachers might assign kits as homework.

It games feature either individual or team settings and increases participation by offering rewards in the shape of virtual currency that students earn by giving the right answers. Students can purchase in-game goodies and power-ups with the earned currency.

How to manage it?

The group administration tool is available to group admins around the clock. As follows: After logging in and navigating to groups on your dashboard, select Group Licences from the Me drop-down box. Select your group from the list of groups you are in control of.

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