Honeywell Proposed to Develop World’s most Modern Quantum Computer


 Honeywell is a company famous for designing systems for houses, corporations, and flights. It has suggested that the world’s most powerful and advanced computer-based on quantum technology has been developed by it. But the scientists and researchers have doubts about the world’s most powerful computer ever. However, it is a great success for the company as it has opened ways for it to design more quantum systems to facilitate everyday appliances and tasks can be done with more easiness as compared to past. 

Measuring the power of computers by Quantum Volume

The power and potential of computers designed by Honeywell were measured by the company with the help of a standard developed by IBM known as quantum volume. It overall estimates a variety of things such as qubits or quantum bits in the computer, its rate of error, and how much time computer takes to calculate things when qubits finish their operation and many other things to be noted by the standard. 

The president of Honey well quantum operations, Tony Uttley, has proposed that while calculating the volume of quantum there are more than 220 algorithms running on the systems. The quantum computer of Honeywell has a quantum volume of 64, which is doubled of the size calculated as highest in the IBM quantum computer as per the research of expert writers at assignment writing service.

The three main goals of Honeywell Company 

Quantum computer has always been facilitated calculations of vast numbers of data. According to Uttley, the company is facing three main issues. The one is optimization, the other second one is machine learning, and the last one is chemistry and material science. He said that the company could do better to get a hold on these all issues, but they have to figure out many things while focusing on the central points. By enhancing the volume of quantum computers, we will be more efficient in dealing with such problems at broader and more enormous platforms. 

But the computer developed by the company is not designed mainly to sort out calculations of data as typical computers do. Previously in October, Google claimed that it has been successful in developing the quantum supremacy-based quantum computers for the first time. Although the company has created computer-based thermostat yet to call it the most powerful computer ever in the world is not an accurate thing as said by Ciaran Gilligan-lee during an interview at University College London.  

Google called its computer Sycamore, which utilized 53 qubits to enhance the quantum supremacy to a maximum extent, whereas Honeywell’s computer has only six till now. Gilligan-Lee has said that it is now manageable to design computers less than 60 or 50 qubits quantum power as they can be created with the help of classical computers. Now on every laptop 6quibs computer can be replicated and hence the supercomputer might also do it with ease. 

Why Honeywell computers are not the most powerful of all

Since Honeywell computers have the maximum number of quantum qubits so it is right to say that it is the most precise and can perform many calculations for a more extended period, but it is too early to call it the most powerful computer yet innovated by scientists or any company.  At the University of Texas, Scott Aaronson has said that the method of Quantum volume measure is not wrong since it is useful than many other ways to calculate the power of computers. Still, we cannot replicate certain things from these computers which we can easily do from the classical computer out there. By taking other measures, Honeywell computers are not still the most powerful as further said by him? 

Uttley agreed that the Honeywell computer has not wholly overtaken the classical computers because classical computers can also perform some tasks which those are said to perform. But it is a good step ahead of the integration of more advanced quantum computers for progressing quantum technology. Moreover, he said that machines of Honeywell are used in various fields and corporations, and we can proudly say that it due to our progress in quantum supremacy and we have to do more planning to integrate into it in our daily lives completely. 

Quantum volume is not a globally recognized standard 

The quantum measuring volume standard is not accepted worldwide due to some flaws. Still, google in 2019 claimed that the quantum volume has specific linking with quantum supremacy which it claimed to have integrated into the most fasted computer of the world which turns out to be a thermostat-based computer in October 2019.  The quantum volume was created to calculate and compare the performance of quantum computers with the highest or maximum performance of classical computers. Uttley has regarded the most accurate measuring standard as it calculates several qubits in a computer and it does not calculate the overall performing of qubits in the computer which is a plus point. The quits are enhanced by using lasers and can be transferred surrounding trap to run many algorithms. 

COVID-19 impacts on Honeywell progress

Previously, due to lockdown in all states of the US, the launch of Honeywell’s new claim could not be successful. So, it became more difficult for the company to continue with the same courage and efficiency. They face several hurdles to make social distancing possible, and they changed the layout of laboratories due to virus dangers. They relied on automation during the lockdown days because there were only 30 % of staff working in the labs. 

What are future aims of the company? 

The control of quantum computers has been made more accessible by designing a remote control system in it Uttley also proposed that company is making strategies to introduce cloud-based systems and its partners JP Morgan chase has started operating many algorithms on computers to check their accuracy. The algorithms based on quantum technology will be beneficial for tech gadgets for teachers, security checking, solution for optimization, and barrier for any fraudulent cheats and their easy detection. 

Uttley has further claimed that the company is going to introduce 10fold enhancement in the power of new computers and they will do in with the help of their ion trapping system which they have recently developed. So, according to Uttley, it will completely revolutionize our digital world with the introduction of super quantum volume computers in the future as they have been working on specific aspects for the past many years.

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