How to generating local content at scale?


Creating local pages for a platform can be a complicated process because you never know what type of content is the requirement of a locality. You create attractive material, follow SEO tactics, add proper location, and exports to make your content unique and perfect. But you can never be sure whether your content would be likable in every locality or not. The needs and requirements of content at every place is different. The languages and trends used are also different. And creating several pages for different localities can be a tiring process. You may even think that creating an entire page is next to impossible. 

But you need to know there are a few methodologies available that can help website owners create native pages. You can contact an SEO company to do help with you.

This blog post outlines the various techniques that you can utilize to develop local pages and generate leads. 

One such methodology that you can adopt to create local content is using natural language generation. Before telling you how you can use pure language generation to create great local pages, we would like to tell you what is natural language generation. 

What is natural language generation? 

Natural language generation originated to detect climate warnings. A natural language generation is a software that converts structured data into regional language. It’s also often considered as translators for artificial computer language. It produces a written or spoken narratives from a dataset. NLG is generally used to answer emails and messages and create massive content. Automated journalism is also an excellent example of NLG.

Using natural language generation to create native pages

Suppose you have a client and that client has one thing like 20,000 locations, and you are asked to create content for these places. You know that creating 20,000 content is impossible. Creating even 100 content is tiresome. In such cases, you can utilize NLG. NLG will allow you to add relevance in your content according to a particular location. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time creating much content. You will create one page and utilize natural language generation to make the content unique and relevant for a particular locality. 

Aside from utilizing pure language technology, here is a list of things you can do to create perfect and unique local pages. 

Choose items to compare

Irrespective of whether your business sells service or products, you would always get something to compare with your competitors. You need to spy on your competitors and find out what methods are working for them. It would help if you also found out what they are lacking. 

It would help if you also compared what trends are working in a particular locality. You can compare the trend locality wise and try to include that trend in your pages. Google trends will help you find out about the local information and trends.

Collect data by location

To create relevant native pages, another essential thing you should do is collect data by location. It would help if you tried to find out about what a particular product or service is named for a specific area. For example, you sell shoes. When you collect data, then you will find out shoes are known as loafers at some places, whereas they are also named as sneakers in other areas. It would be best if you tried to find out which city has a higher loafer usage, and you can create content accordingly. 

Generate text 

After collecting information and data from various locations, you need to generate text. While finding information about trends, we need not only look for local trends. We can go beyond that as well. Once you identify the trends of different locations, you should also compare the trends. It would help if you also created subsets for every trend. And lastly, you need to plan your strategy. It would be best if you generated text only after doing proper planning and research as it would help you make relevancy in content for a particular locality. 

Human evaluation

Once you have created relevant textual content for an area, you must ensure that the content you have generated is of good quality. You can send your content to a human editor for evaluation, and he may suggest you make some changes in your content. The human editor will analyze all the points and data carefully and will provide you with feedback. Sending your content to a human editor is essential because you have created pages for such a diverse set of areas of a country. 


If you are thinking that creating native pages is a troublesome process, then you need to know that if you invest your time and energy in creating local pages, then it would no longer be difficult. You need to utilize natural language generation and follow the tactics mentioned above. Once you create relevant content for different locations, you will succeed in driving traffic from different locations to your website. 

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