Make your Blank Shirt Look Trendy with Tie-Dye



If you have a blank T-shirt or an old tee, put it to good use. Let your creativity explore by doing
a tie-dye method on your tee. Whether it’s a T-shirt, pair of shorts, or socks, you can tie-dye
them in minutes!
Since we all know that tie-dye T-shirts are back in trend, we can keep up with it at home! With
simple household items, you can get a funky-looking T-shirt. All you have to do is to follow this
post-step-by-step and have a self-made tie-dye T-shirt.

Some Instructions:

Before starting, you must consider these instructions. Without them, you may damage your skin
and the result. Therefore, make sure that you follw these tips diligently:

1: Protective Gear

Wearing protective gear is essential. Therefore, wear long rubber gloves that reach your elbow
and eye protection glasses to cover your skin. You can even wear a face mask to avoid getting
bleach on your face.

2: Working Area

Make sure that you are in a good working space. A preferable area is your garden. However, if
you want to work indoors, ensure the room has a proper ventilation system. This way, you can let
harmful gases escape. Moreover, lay a plastic sheet on the ground and work over it to protect your surroundings.

3: Fabric

Ensuring the correct fabric is important. Therefore, use clothing items that are cotton or a blend
of cotton/polyester. Linen is also a perfect choice. Avoid nylon or artificial fibers that can damage the shirt. Also, choose a dark-colored shirt as it will give high contrast. An appropriate option can be Next Level 6440 due to its fabric quality.

What you will need:

Now that you know what precautions to take and the choice of a tee, it is time to assemble the
following items:
● Household Bleach
● Hydrogen Peroxide
● Measuring Cup
● Safety Gloves, Eye Protection Glasses
● Two Water-filled Tubs
● A T-shirt of your choice (cotton, cotton/polyester)
● Rubber Bands

Create Tie Dye Patterns:

Once you have the necessary items, it is time to make some funky and unique designs. Following are some tie-dye patterns that you can do easily:

1: Spiral Pattern

Follow these instructions to get the perfect spiral pattern tie-dye T-shirt:
● Place your tee on the working surface. Remove any creases you can find.
● Using your finger, select the place you want to have the spiral. Then, pinch the point.
● Carefully lift the tee from the pinching point. Then, twist it around.
● Afterwards, secure the twisted fabric firmly using rubber bands.

2: Small Circles

For this pattern, you need to gather some marbles or plastic beans. Afterwards, follow these
● Place marbles where you want your circles under the tee.
● Then, twist the fabric where marbles are placed and secure them with rubber bands. Make
sure to leave some space within the secured marbles so that dye can get inside equally.

3: Stripe Design

For a straight-line look on your tee, follow these guidelines:
● Lay down your tee on the working space. Then, gather the tee from one side and create
folds from both neck and hem.
● Secure your tee with rubber bands. Also, secure the unused tee end with a rubber band.

4: Rainbow Spiral

For this trendy look, follow these instructions:
● Lay your T-shirt on a flat surface. Place a stick on the area where you want the rainbow
spiral to form. Then, twist the bar, so the tee takes the shape of a pie. You can also pinch
the tee and twist it.
● Remove the stick and secure the tee with several bands. It should look like an oversized
● Then, add in the colors of your choice! You can use 3 or more colors in this pattern.

Bleach the T-shirt – Tie-dye process:

Once you have folded your Next Level 6440 T-shirt into the desired pattern, it is time to apply
bleach to it. Here is how to achieve a complete tie-dye look:

1: Apply Bleach

Choose any one of the following methods to bleach your fabric:
Spraying: A tiring task but still works. Here is how to do it:
● Mix ¼ cup bleach with ¾ cup of water in a spray bottle. Shake well.
● Then, spray from where the fold is present. Take breaks of 5 to 10 minutes after each
spraying application.
● Keep examining the tee color. Once it reaches your desired level of change, you can stop.
Submerging: This is the easiest and quickest method. Follow these simple instructions:
● Mix half a cup of bleach in a water-filled tub.
● Next, leave the fabric in this solution for 20 minutes or until you start noticing changes.
● Remove the tee with rubber gloved hands.

2: Rinse

Place the bleached fabric in another tub of water. Carefully rinse the tee to remove any excess
bleach. In addition, cut the rubber bands so you can freely wash the fabric.

3: Neutralize

Bleach can create holes in the fabric. Therefore, pour 3% hydrogen peroxide on the cloth to
remove any extra bleach.

4: Wash

Wash the fabric carefully with water after neutralizing it. This way, you can remove any extra
hydrogen peroxide or bleach.
Enjoy the result!

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