How to find glasses thats look perfect on you?


For years, people who wore glasses were called nicknames such as bookworm, nerd or four eyes. The false assumption was that if you spend too much time reading or studying, you would damage your eyesight and need glasses.


But, the tables have turned entirely now. Wearing glasses is the new way to showcase your style and add to your looks. So, if you are thinking of buying a pair for yourself, now is the best time to do so. There are so many frame styles that finding the right one is easier than ever.


Here are 5 easy tips to make your glasses work for you.

Know your face shape

As glasses are the accessory for your face, you need prescription and non-prescription glasses that flatter your particular face shape. Face shapes are categorised into the following categories:


  •     Oval
  •     Round
  •     Square
  •     Heart-shaped
  •     Diamond
  •     Oblong


If you don’t know which category you fall into, we will help. To determine the structure of your face, pay attention to your most prominent facial features.


If your face has few lines with the length and width being almost the same, you most probably have a round face shape.


But, if there are lines and you are gifted with a strong jawline, then you have a square face shape. Heart-shaped faces are widest around the cheekbones with a narrow forehead and pointy chin.


Diamond face shapes are similar to a heart-shaped face except they have a narrow hairline and the cheekbones are placed slightly higher. An oval face shape is naturally perfect with balanced features and proportions whereas an oblong face shape is long (almost twice its width) with straight sidelines.

Find flattering frames

Now that you are aware of your natural symmetry, it’s time to shop for frames. To get more variety in styles, buy glasses from online stores.


Many online eyewear retailers provide next day delivery and free shipping for glasses. So, if you buy from them, you will save money. Now back to the tips. The secret to hitting the right frame style is to always seek what your face doesn’t have.


  •     A round face shape does not have vivid angles. Balance out your aesthetics with angular frames in square or rectangle shapes.


  •     Similarly, a square face looks better in curvy and soft frame styles such as round or oval frames. I


  •     if your face is shaped like a heart, you need to focus on the upper part of your face. There are cat-eye and browline frames that will look amazing on you. Anything with exaggerated upper rims should be your pick.


  •     It’s challenging when it comes to shopping frames for an oblong face shape. But, frames with rimless front and unique or distinctive temple arms will give an illusion of width to your face.


  •     People with an oval face shape are the luckiest of them all. You can try out any style you want as your perfectly balanced face looks great in everything. However, don’t go for overtly round styles as they might throw the balance away.


There are certain styles such as cat-eye glasses frames for women and rectangular frames that look good on everyone. And they work in both casual and office settings as well.

Accentuate your skin tone

When your frames are harmonising with your skin tone, you will look your best. There are mainly two types of undertones of your skin – warm and cold.


Where warm skin tone is identified by greenish looking veins, they look more blue or purplish in cool skin tone.


A yellow, bronze or golden cast to the skin reveals that you have a warm complexion. The best colours for you to choose from are bronze, honey-yellow, golden metallics, tortoiseshells and olive green. Stay away from black or pastel shades as they don’t go with your warm skin tone.


If your skin tone is cool with a pinkish glow, the best colours for you are silver, pink, purple, grey, blue, forest green and black. Dark tortoiseshell frames will also bring out your natural skin tone.


But, when you are choosing glasses frames for men and women that you could wear to the office, steer clear of vibrant colours. Rather, pick neutral shades that will flow easily with your office wardrobe.


The best way to rock in your new specs is to own the look. Be confident in what you are wearing and get ready to experiment with different looks and different frame styles.


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