My Dog is Afraid of Nail Trimmings


Why are long Dog nails a problem?

Fear of nail trims is a very common difficulty dog guardians face and the fear can range from a moderate dislike to outright terror, relying on the dog. For some puppy parents, the simplest way to trim a dog’s nails is underneath anesthesia, which is sincerely no longer a choice that works every week. 

Many surrender attempting and simply allow the canine’s nails to remain long. While the disappointment is understandable, this selection can result in health drawbacks for dogs. Overgrown nails affect a canine’s posture, eventually leading to joint problems and arthritis. They’re also more at risk of splitting and breaking in painful ways. 

Long nails are a problem for humans as well. Dogs with longer nails are more likely to break fixtures and other objects, unwittingly, as well as wreck human skin while leaping up to mention howdy or whilst playing.

Reducing pressure while trimming your canine’s nails

If your dog is terrified of getting nails trimmed, what can you do? Here are some ideas:

  • Some dogs’ nails will stay at a wholesome length if they are exercised often on a rougher floor together with concrete or pavement.
  • Another innovative concept is to create a submitting “board” which includes a sheet of wood covered with sandpaper. You teach your dog a paw target behavior and then apply that conduct to the board, so the dog correctly is filing down his own nails as he paws the board.
  • Nail trim mats are essentially doormats with a hard floor that files the canine’s nails on every occasion he walks at the mat.

While these ideas can be helpful, a preferable alternative is so that you can trim your canine’s nails each time you want to. A powerful plan is to get rid of your nail clippers all together and switch to a nail grinder. There are many blessings to using a grinder. If you’ve got larger dogs like I do, clipping their nails is extra difficult due to the scale and the nails frequently splinter and leave jagged edges. Properly used, a grinder can make the nails smoother and much less possibly to catch on items. It’s also powerful for puppies that have genuinely developed this kind of sturdy conditioned fear of the clippers that looking to desensitize them to it is going to be irritating for both of you. You can get a grinder at most pet supply shops or even some hardware stores deliver models suitable to be used with pet nails.


Getting your dog cushty with a nail grinder

The subsequent step is to increase the plan of action. Be aware going in that that is a long procedure and you need to paintings with your dog’s degree of comfort and strain. A precise manner to go approximately tracking your development is to make a chart that you maintain reachable —maybe on your fridge door with a magnet. Alternatively, you could use a whiteboard, or maybe simply a file that you maintain available on a computer, pill, or smartphone.

Step one: The first part of the technique involves getting your dog acclimated to having his ft handled. In this step, you may now not be the usage of the grinder at all. Work in very small increments of time. Touching your canine’s paws, moving your fingers through his feet, and sooner or later training session to tap a non-threatening object at the nails. The object can be something your canine does no longer find frightening and that has sufficient of a surface to make a few noises. Pair the touch and managing with something positive, which includes a truly right food treat for dog, reward, or something else your canine really loves. Always keep a watch on your canine’s frame language throughout this time. If he’s stressed, forestall right now and circulate back a step.

Step two: Once your dog appears calm being handled, add inside the grinder without batteries. The “without batteries” stipulation is very important as you do not want it to show on via accident. At first, you are truly going to have it around with the aid of putting it near your canine’s meals bowl. If the dog seems upset, flow it away until your dog is best in its presence. Slowly, over time, circulate it towards the bowl until the dog appears bored with it. At this point, add in the batteries and turn it on and off for a few seconds in the course of your canine’s meal. Again, work in very small increments. You may best have it on for 3 seconds — for the duration of your canine’s meals for numerous days. Then five seconds (for some days), then seven, and so on.

Step three: When you may turn the grinder on and stale with no obvious strain signals from your canine, irrespective of the time it’s on, circulates to the next step. Begin the use of the grinder, without batteries, as the tapping item on the dog’s nails. Tap the grinder to one nail, deal with, and then stop. Repeat with the next nail tomorrow, deal with and forestall. When you can contact all your canine’s nails on any given day and the dog indicates no stress, you could start touching multiple nails in keeping with day.

Step four: Now put the batteries lower back within the grinder and begin touching it— while it’s miles off— to the canine’s nails. Tap the nail twice, then flip the grinder on and touch the nail. Do this for just a few seconds, treat, flip the grinder off, faucet twice, and then forestall. Repeat tomorrow for the next nail, and so on. Once you may try this with any nail and a calm canine, you can pass as much as maintaining the grinder for longer periods of time.

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