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Do you need tips on finding girls hostel? Here are some tips to help you find the best hostels for your
trip! While female-only dorms are more expensive than mixed dorms, they are definitely safer and a
great way to meet other travelers. Plus, you can always exchange clothes and accessories with your
roommates. Girls also don’t mind exchanging ideas, such as cooking instant noodles and celebrating

Female-only dorms are more expensive than mixed dorms

If you are a woman, you may want to stay in a female-only dorm. Dorms for women are often more
expensive than those for mixed sex, but this difference doesn’t matter as long as you don’t mind
sharing a bathroom with a man. If you’re on a budget, however, you should still consider a female-
only dorm.
Dorms for women tend to be a mess, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less attractive. Women
generally leave their shoes and make-up all over the floor. They change clothes frequently, and it’s
easy for a female-only dorm to get messy quickly. Additionally, some women make menstrual faux-
pas in female-only dorms, including blood on the floor. Males aren’t allowed to book these rooms, so
female-only dorms are cheaper.

They’re safer than mixed dorms

While it might be easier to change into your underwear in a girls dorm, this isn’t always the case. You
can’t expect a male roommate to be as respectful as a girl, so you may want to avoid these
situations. If you’re looking for a safer environment, booking a girls dorm is better than one with
mixed genders. Regardless of the reason, it’s best to avoid mixed gender dorms if you’re not looking
to mingle.
While mixed dorms aren’t always safe, they can be a bit intimidating for young women. However, this
doesn’t mean that female-only rooms are any less safe. In fact, they’re probably more social. These
days, virtually every hostel has a female-only dorm, and some have entire floors just for women.
Hostels such as Plus Hostel in Florence have a whole floor dedicated to girls, and in Amsterdam,
there’s a hostel specifically for female-only travelers.

They’re a great way to meet other travelers

When you’re traveling alone, you may want to meet other women in the same situation as you are. A
girls hostel can help you find like-minded travelers. Some hostels even have meetups in their bars
so you can meet new people. It’s the ultimate way to meet other women and make friends while
traveling on your own. There are plenty of cool activities at girls hostels for you to enjoy, including
cooking classes and kitesurfing classes.
When traveling solo, meeting fellow travelers can be difficult. But the upside to travelling alone is that
you have total flexibility. Try to leave your itinerary loose, and accept invitations when they come
your way. In addition, many hostels have common areas, such as a kitchen, so you can strike up a
conversation with someone from your group. There are also often free activities you can join, such
as games and movies.

They’re more expensive than mixed dorms

When it comes to choosing a hostel, you’ll find that the cost of a girls-only room is typically higher
than for a mixed-gender dorm. In most cases, female-only rooms are priced a few dollars higher
than mixed-gender ones. This may seem like a small price to pay compared to the benefits of a
more private space, but the cost can add up if you’re staying for a long time.
A lot of hostels are similar to capsule hotels, with bunk beds that can be as big as 30 people. In
many hostels, there is only one powerpoint per bed, meaning you’ll need to queue for a plug to
charge your laptop or other equipment. If you’re travelling solo, it’s best to avoid ladies hostel, sincethey tend to have more expensive rooms. Just remember to check the reviews of the hostel before

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