The Art and Science of Tidying Your Bedroom

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Now is the best time to properly clean out and clear out your home again.

The year is running to an end, and Christmas is drawing near.

Do you have a heap of used clothes on the armchair, cups, or water glasses on the table and the rumpled bed has not been made for a long time.

But now it’s over! With our tidying-up tricks, we will show you how to (permanently) achieve a clean and tidy bedroom.

Tidy the Bed in the Morning

Most people know that the alarm clock has already rung for the third time, and you’re running late again, jumping out of bed, quickly into your clothes, and immediately out of the room.

Making the bed – you don’t even think about that.

But honestly, coming home in the evening and laying down on a rumpled bed is not particularly pleasant either.

 It’s actually not difficult or time-consuming at all, says Techpally.

Just make it a routine for yourself to make the bed tidy every morning right after you get up.

 You’ll see, it’s worth it! The bed is next to the wardrobe, the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom, as soon as it looks tidy, the room looks tidier overall.

Look forward to a nicely made bed in the evening, in which you can snuggle up to sleep.

Avoid Piling up Clothes

It is easy to simply throw used clothes somewhere in the room, put on a chair, or pack in a bag.

So it goes day after day and the heap of clothes becomes higher.

Finally, you ask yourself – where is my blue blouse?

And you don’t find answer to this immediately because, somewhere it’s within the heap of clothes.

Suddenly, you are frustrated because you have nothing decent in your closet.

And the room looks like the closet has exploded. But we won’t let it get that far!

From now on the used clothes will be put away immediately. If they are still clean and portable, they can be put back in the closet, otherwise in the laundry basket.

Tip – Put your outfit on for the next day, the evening before.

This saves you time in the morning and you don’t have to pull five different tops out of the closet and try on which one goes best with the skirt.

Invest in Storage Furnitures

Now and then it pays to invest in the right furniture – especially in the bedroom.

What use is a nice bed for you if it’s not comfortable? Or a wardrobe in which not all clothes fit?

Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to set up a dressing room, so furniture with as much storage space as possible should be used when setting up.

 A bed with drawers or bed boxes is very practical for bed linen or seasonal goods.

There is no wasted space under the bed here, says healthpally.

Sometimes it is worth next to the wardrobe a clothes rack to set up.

Use free walls or the room door – attach coat hooks for bags, long chains, or towels here.

To prevent dressers and sideboards with drawers from turning into rubbish boxes, you should not lay your clothes flat in the drawers.

Fold your pants, tops, etc. into small packages (e.g. using the Konmari method) and place them upright.

This gives you a clear view of the entire contents of the drawers.

Garments can be pulled out so much more easily, without rummaging and messing around.

Muck out Regularly

The best way to avoid recurring chaos in the bedroom and other areas is to clean out regularly.

Clearing out frees you and creates new space. Take a closer look at your wardrobe at least twice a year.

For example, when the season changes, after a weight loss regimen or after pregnancy.

Check your clothing for imperfections, such as holes or stains.

How often have you worn the item of clothing in the past year?

Does it still fit you or is it too big or too tight?

Do you still like it or do you have something nicer in your closet?

 When you sort out clothes, don’t just throw them in the bin.

You can sell, give away or add to your clothing collection what is in order and wearable.

The holey shirt may be used for gardening, renovating, or as a cleaning rag.

Make a Cleanup Routine

Find a cleanup method that works best for you and make it your routine.

It is up to you whether you orientate yourself towards Marie Kondo or your mother’s orderly skills.

One thing is certain, routines make everyday life easier, as soon as you have them under control, everything goes by itself.

You are already familiar with making the bed and keeping your wardrobe tidy.

But here and there, there are still a few critical areas. The bedside table, for example.

Now and then water glasses, books, and magazines gather here.

Even if you are determined to read these three books, most likely you will not read all of them at once. It’s similar to magazines.

You should cut out appealing reipes or interesting things and file them neatly somewhere, the rest comes away.

If you’re about to leave the room, don’t go empty-handed, Healthpally advised.

 The used water glass or the full laundry basket – take whatever has nothing more to do in the room. So you save yourself one way or the other and nothing can accumulate.


It is better to tidy up quickly and often and always put everything back in its place – this way, major tidying up is not even necessary

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