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The Basics of an Online Leave Management Software



There is no denying the fact that managing employee leaves can be so
challenging and confusing with manual processes like pen-paper and
But you don’t need to worry. Managing employee leaves has now become
easier with the advancements in technology. Wanna know how? This blog will
help you know how you can manage your employee leaves efficiently,
accurately, and hassle-free.
Processing leave requests and keeping track of employee’s working hours are
now both fully automated. The data is also available 24/7 for real-time viewing
and is intended to facilitate quick payroll processing. Therefore, use the
employee leave management software to increase staff output.

What is a Leave Management System?

Leave management software helps you streamline employee time-off
requests. Usually managed by the human resource department, a leave
management system helps you track, approve, or decline employee leave

requests. Previously, all these activities were done manually, but
advancements in technology have made this process easy. With this
automated leave management software, you don’t need to worry about losing
papers or missing employees’ leave requests.
Leave management software comes with a lot of features and benefits. Read
further to know more.

Challenges In The Leave Management 

1. Inefficient Leave Tracking

One of the most common challenges faced by companies in leave
management is efficiently tracking the leaves. Organizations with no leave
management systems use email to apply for leaves. However, with the email
method, the emails tend to get missed out if one has a daily influx of incoming
emails. Also, the employers may not have oversight on the leave schedule
which impacts resource planning, ultimately having a serious repercussion on
project timelines and workload allocation.

2. Payroll Errors 

Improper management and tracking of leaves may affect the accuracy of
payroll processing. When leaves such as leave without pay are not properly
tracked and approved, these leaves do not reflect in the payroll. When it
comes to processing salaries at the month-end, these deductions will be
missed out during calculations resulting in inaccurate payroll processing.

3. Inefficient Communication of Leave Policies 

One great challenge of leave management is that the employees lack
understanding of the leave policies. Many times it is attributed to poor
communication of the organization’s leave policy. Employees typically lack the
time to comprehend and become familiar with their leave entitlements.
Therefore, it is HR’s responsibility to make sure that employees understand
their leave benefits and entitlements, whether through regular employee
communication sessions, the creation of a separate leave management portal,
or the introduction of a comprehensive employee handbook.
You can get rid of all these leave management challenges by opting for
efficient leave management software for your company. Read further to know
why leave management software is useful for your business.

Importance Of Leave Management System

Organizations may fluctuate in productivity with the employees taking too
much of unplanned or just too many leaves. Even Though sudden issues may
crop up with anybody anytime, the organizations need to keep a clear record
of the leaves taken by the employees. Doing this work manually may be a bit
of a difficult process, therefore an efficient leave management system can
help you avoid missed deadlines, targets, and resource planning.

Features Of Leave Management System

1. All-in-one Dashboard

With the help of leave management software, employees can see their leave
balance, and holidays list, and apply for leaves on a single dashboard. The
HR managers must have access to the employee’s leave balance, department
schedule, and workflow coverage to approve their leave requests.

2. Configurable Fields

The policies and procedures may vary from one organization to another. A
“one size fits all” leave management system may not suit your requirements.
Efficient software helps organizations configure the fields like leave type,
holiday, and leave policy to fit your company’s needs.

3. Cloud-based

In addition to providing multi-channel, on-the-go access, a cloud-based online
leave management solution will also eliminate inconveniences like software
installations and upgrades. Requests for leave can be submitted, approved, or
rejected at any time and even from anywhere by the management.

4. Auto-update Leave Balance

Investing in leave management software is pointless if your HR team must
manually calculate and update each employee’s leave balance. Your
attendance management system must keep track of each employee’s leave
history and show it to managers as well as employees.

5. Seamless Integration

Legacy software is obsolete and antiquated, creating data silos. Time will be
saved, silos will be broken down, and cross-functional reporting will be
possible with a product that seamlessly integrates with your other HR
Management Software for payroll, timesheet management, etc.

Benefits Of Leave Management System

1. Less Paperwork

One of the most important benefits of using leave management software is the
elimination of dull and repetitive tasks. An efficient software offers automation
that significantly reduces the amount of paperwork. The entire process of
leave application till approval is automated with just a few clicks when you
have robust leave management software in place.

2. Real-time Information and Updates 

It’s crucial to know whether it’s the correct time to approve or apply for leave
when taking leaves or applying for leaves. If you don’t have a proper leave
management system that provides real-time information, things are going to
be difficult. Also, if you don’t have a system that automates updates, it will
result in conflicts between the manager and the employees causing confusion
and rejection of applied leaves.

3. Auto-update Leave Balance

There is no point in buying HRMS Software if the Management has to
manually update the leave data. With the right HRMS software like UBS, the
entire process of tracking leaves and accessibility is automated for the
managers and employees.

4. Transparent and Accurate 

The online leave management software provides a holistic view of employee
leaves under a single dashboard be it planned or unplanned. For employers, it
is a tool to have accurate data of employee leaves using which they can
decide whether or not to approve the leaves. This transparency helps
employers to tackle problems related to productivity and absenteeism.

5. Easy Holiday Management 

An automated attendance management system helps employers manage
employee leaves and vacations more efficiently. With the help of automated
software, your employees will be able to mark their leave of absence.
Additionally, the employees will have access to the holiday list at any

6. Saves the Time of Administration

It is equally important for the administration to get benefited from the leave
management system. The elimination of repetitive tasks makes leave
management a lot more convenient and faster.


Employees will have a clear understanding of the leave policies, their prior
leave requests, the leave approval process, their remaining leave balance,
and the team’s time-off schedule thanks to a thorough leave management
system. These resources will keep them informed, shield them from
unexpected shocks, and aid in the effective planning of their vacations. A
good leave management software must meet the requirements of your
company’s policy in addition to simplifying the lives of your employees.
Pick a cloud-based leave management software like UBS HRMS Software,
which automates and streamlines your leave management process and allows
you 24/7 access to the portal. UBS offers you the leading leave management
software in India. Get in touch to prevent your awful HR nightmares.

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