Questions You Must Ask Your Baker before Placing Your Order



Cakes are delicacies that are enjoyed by each and everyone across the globe. Whether rich or poor, young or adult, Women or men, cakes have a special place in everyone’s taste buds, these are an essential part of events and occasions. Whenever you look for a cake, what are the characteristics you look for in it? A cake should be a little moist, full of flavors, have a smooth texture to it, and should have an impeccable décor on it.  These are just a few things that one considers while buying a cake. There is a comprehensive list of sureties that you want from your baker’s side before the purchase.  

When you want your celebration to be grand, you have to make sure the cake you are ordering is finger-licking delicious. A cake brings people together and makes them smile with their rich flavor and texture. You look for that perfect baker that has mastered the art of baking the best cake. It can be a skeptical moment for you, as you might not be able to rethink your decision, and hence you should always be aware of what to ask the confectionary before ordering a cake.  

Let’s narrow down a few queries that you should confirm before buying a birthday cake, a wedding cake, or any other type of cake from a confectionary. 


  1. How Many Cakes Have You Prepared To Date, And If You Could Give Me A Portfolio Including A Few References To Back Up Your Experience?

When you look for a good baker, you should make sure that he/she has ample experience in this field of baking so that you know you trust an expert rather than an amateur.  If possible, you can also ask Baker to show your portfolio of his past work. This portfolio can include photos and detailed descriptions of the cakes that he has prepared to date. Apart from all this, to be double sure of what you are getting yourself into, you can also ask for a few references from his past customers and maybe call them to confirm Baker’s services. 


  1. What Is The Schedule For Preparing The Cake?

You have to be very specific about the cake’s arrival time as it should be precise and exact. The cake’s late arrival will not be flattering for the beautiful celebrations that you have prepared for. You should also be well aware of Baker’s schedule to rely on him for that perfect timing. You should carefully take note in advance of how early you are to inform the Baker for the cake after you zero in on him. How much time will he take to prepare the cake, and the delivery timeline should also be confirmed well in advance?  


  1. Do You Have A Particular Specialty? 

Sometimes, if you cannot decide over the type or flavor you want for your special day, you can always ask the baker about his specialty. Maybe it is something of delight that might intrigue everyone at your celebration like new years eve cake.  

  1. What Flavors Do You Offer? 

There is a wide variety of cake flavors out there that you might not have known. You mustn’t just go for any traditional cake flavor but get a first-hand experience of all the flavors the baker has to offer at the tasting session, that takes us to our next question. 


  1. Do You Have A Cake Sample Tastings? 

You must go for someone who can confidently provide you a tasting table. Tasting sessions will not only allow you to experience their expertise but will also help you decide over a flavor, as mentioned above. 


  1. Do You Provide The Cake Stand And A Cake Table?

Sometimes it’s best to ask the baker for the right matching cake stand, table, and the cake top. They are well experienced, and in what would look to best with the cake you have ordered and can provide you a better option than what you would choose yourself. 


  1. What Happens If The Cake Is Damaged During The Transit? 

One more question that you should ask the baker is the damage caused during the transit. You should always consider someone who takes full responsibility for the cake that you have ordered and delivers it in perfect shape no matter what. 


  1. What Is The Cancellation Policy For Your Cakes? 

What if you change your plans for the celebration? Will you get the money back? If not the whole, what percent will be the cancellation charges? These questions can also play a huge role in choosing the right baker. 

Apart from all the above, there are other questions such as the cake charges and many more that should be thought of well in advance before ordering any cake. The same questions should be taken into consideration while you order Cake Online. Be very careful while choosing a baker or a confectionary for your big day, as your cake will be the knockout of the occasion.  

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