What is Your Skin Tone? – Choosing the Right Hair Dye Colors


The great thing about the many hair dye colors is that you can find the colors that will work for your skin tone and your facial features. Hair color is not always as easy as it sounds. However, the different shades of hair color are perfect for the person that wants to really accentuate certain facial features or tone down the other ones. Here are a few things that you should know about hair dye colors:

Different skin tones have different color requirements

This means that hair dye colors should be chosen according to skin type. For those with fair skin, a warm taupe is a good choice, while those with pinker skin prefer an orangey-red color such as the ones found in the Persian varieties.

Those with blonde or golden blond hair will likely benefit from a black hair dye colors. However, those with a warm or even greyish base are most likely to be best with warm shades. The warm colors can be used to create various hues of white to match the different facial features, such as the ears or the back of the head.

If the hair is still too dark, the tones will tend to be muted and it will not look natural. However, you may consider going with highlights to lighten the hair. The highlights will make the hair appear blond or red, depending on the hair color you prefer.

The lighter the skin tone

the lighter the shade of color will need to be. When it is dark, a yellow or a pale orange is best.

For those who want to create bold and bright colors, you may want to try the fiery shades. However, when the hair is too dark, it will appear orange or even Gray. These colors are best used on the very light-skinned.

For those with medium to dark skin

those with warm tones can use the rich reds, which will match or contrast the skin tone. If the hair is light, try the pale oranges, which will bring out the skin. Even those with warm shades can make their hair lighter if they want to.

However, if you want to go for brighter colors, think about using bright orange, such as hot pink or pinks. Even if you have dark skin, you can still make it look darker with the right combination of hues. The best part about the bright colors is that they tend to match up well with the skin.

For those with dark hair

you should choose either a red or burgundy shade to make the hair appear darker. Again, warm colors will accentuate the skin and will help it appear whiter. In addition, for those with fair skin, a warmer tone will be best, and they can go with either warm taupes or yellows to get the color that matches the skin.

However, for those with orange skin, pinks and purples will work well. Hot pink is a good example of a hot color, which will accentuate the skin and make it appear lighter.

For those with medium to dark skin

hair dye colors are normally matched to create a balance between the skin and the hair. Generally, hair dye colors are good for people with all skin tones, though not all of them will match up with the skin. For instance, the hair will look better on people with medium to dark skin, but those with pink skin may find a peach color to be better for their needs.

Many experts recommend that you have a basic understanding of what adore hair color is, as well as their types and how they should be applied. It is important to know that you have the best color for your skin, and knowing the basics is the first step in selecting the right one.

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